Exploring health preferences on different subpopulation groups using EQ-5D

  • To explore differences in patient’s health preferences by disease area

  • To assess preferences from adolescents and compare these to general population preferences for adolescents

  • To develop value sets for young populations using the EQ-5D-Y instrument

  • This WP will use discrete choice experiments (DCE) to obtain health state preferences from different subpopulations. This includes adult patients, adult general population and adolescent general population.

  • Health state preferences for different groups of patients in a sample of 1400 in two countries, 700 each (Germany and Spain), will be investigated using the EQ-5D-5L instrument.

  • Using the EQ-5D-Y instrument, child health state preferences in a sample of 4200 respondents from the general population in 3 countries - 1400 respondents (700 adults, 700 adolescents) from each of Slovenia, Germany and Spain, will be investigated.

  • Comparison of EQ-5D-5L value sets from different disease areas in 2 countries (Germany and Spain)

  • Comparison of EQ-5D-Y value sets across countries (Germany, Slovenia and Spain)

  • Value sets for the EQ-5D-Y in Germany, Slovenia and Spain



Universitaet Bielefeld

Inštitut za Ekonomska Raziskovanja

Principal Investigators

Wolfgang Greiner

Valentina Katka Rupel