Exploring health preferences on different subpopulation groups using EQ-5D

  • To explore differences in patient’s health preferences by disease area

  • To assess preferences from adolescents and compare these to general population preferences for adolescents

  • To develop value sets for young populations using the EQ-5D-Y instrument

  • This WP will use discrete choice experiments (DCE) to obtain health state preferences from different subpopulations. This includes adult patients, adult general population and adolescent general population.

  • Health state preferences for different groups of patients in a sample of 1400 in two countries, 700 each (Germany and Spain), will be investigated using the EQ-5D-5L instrument.

  • Using the EQ-5D-Y instrument, child health state preferences in a sample of 4200 respondents from the general population in 3 countries - 1400 respondents (700 adults, 700 adolescents) from each of Slovenia, Germany and Spain, will be investigated.

  • Comparison of EQ-5D-5L value sets from different disease areas in 2 countries (Germany and Spain)

  • Comparison of EQ-5D-Y value sets across countries (Germany, Slovenia and Spain)

  • Value sets for the EQ-5D-Y in Germany, Slovenia and Spain

Research Update

January 2019 – IMPACT HTA 2nd Project Meeting (Presentation PDF)

January 2020 – IMPACT HTA 3rd Project Meeting (Presentation PPT)

Prevolnik Rupel, V., Ogorevc, M., IMPACT HTA HRQoL Group. et al. (2021). EQ-5D-Y Value Set for Slovenia. PharmacoEconomics.


Universitaet Bielefeld

Inštitut za Ekonomska Raziskovanja

Principal Investigators

Wolfgang Greiner

Valentina Katka Rupel

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 779312