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Expanding economic analysis for HTA: methods for measuring fiscal impact of new healthcare intervention

  • To provide a shared definition and a rationale for the investigation of the fiscal impact

  • To define the burden and areas of interest for the estimation of fiscal impact of new medical technologies

  • To develop a methodology to assess the fiscal impact deriving from health benefits produce by new medical technologies (i.e. consumption increases, productivity gains)

  • To develop a toolkit in order to enable decision makers to estimate the fiscal impact of medical technologies

  • Literature review

  • Institutional overview to design the big picture of different taxation systems in the EU

  • Survey to patents, decision makers and a sample of enterprises

  • Discrete choice experiments

  • Development of a platform to estimate the fiscal impact of new medical technologies

  • Application to 3 diseases/therapeutic areas

  • Deliverable D9.1: Algorithm for the estimation of the fiscal impact of new technologies [PDF] and [Excel doc]

  • Deliverable D9.2: Evidence from pilot application from selected therapeutic areas [PDF]



Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Faculty of Economics – Graduate School of Health Economics and Management (ALTEMS)

Research team

Americo Cicchetti (PI)

Matteo Ruggeri

Eugenio Di Brino

Filippo Rumi

Basile Michele

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